Teaparty doll skirt :)

This tea party inspired skirt is perfect for well, tea parties or taking your doll along to go see the new Alice in Wonderland movie in the new year.
Or if you want something sweet but not pastel coloured for your doll :)

It should fit Blythe and Pullip dolls too although I imagine the lenght will be different on them.

2 in stock! They are all for direct sale, so if you want one, make sure to snatch one up whilst stock lasts. The fabric is sold out so if they're gone, they're gone!

Teaparty doll skirt

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origami lion

plaid dolls skirts

I made these two cute little plaid skirts for BJD out of some left over fabric so they're one of a kind! One skirt is slightly shorter than the other but I love them both. I'm selling them though. I'm sure they'll fit for Blythe and Pulip dolls too, but the lenght will probably differ slightly on those dolls. Times like this I wish I owned both a Blythe and a Pulip so I could model the skirts on them too.

Plaid BJD skirt

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looking for fake fur

Hello everyone,

I am looking for fake fur long hair electric blue..that is color I need. I can not find any at all locally. My child needs this for a custume party for hollween.

Anyone have some for sale or know where to get some?




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so i've been sewing for a few years now. my most recent machine is about a year and a half old and i haven't used it that much. about a week ago i was having problems with my bobbin case. I completely cleaned my machine, but the problem still persists.

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Thanks for any help!

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